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Musis is the main venue for both congres days in April 2019. It is one of the oldest ‘House of Music’ in the Netherlands. The most ancient parts date from 1847 and breathe history. Musis has been renovated recently, and the new, beautiful ‘Parkzaal’ with its green façade was completed in 2018. The Parkzaal is adjacent to the beautiful Musis Park, one of the main central parks of Arnhem. The architects introduced a transparent design that merges with this green environment. 

The building has won many architecture prizes and is the proud home of the ‘Gelders Orkest’, one of The Netherlands’ main orchestras. With a renewed and stimulating program Musis is for everyone: from classical music to jazz and from dance parties to (international) conferences – as you can experience in April!

Travel Info Arnhem

Getting to Arnhem by train
There is a fast train link (ICE International) from Frankfurt and Cologne and Dusseldorf in Germany to Arnhem Central station. Frankfurt-Arnhem takes about 2:50 min. From London St. Pancras, the trip with Eurostar (via Brussels-Midi and Rotterdam) to Arnhem takes about 6 hours. From Brussels Midi to Arnhem (with Eurostar via Rotterdam) is a 2:45 min trip. Link to the National Train Company: NS. Link to the National Public Transport planner: 9292.

Getting to Arnhem by plane
The most popular way to fly into the Netherlands is through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. This is the largest and busiest airport in Holland and has all of the facilities and transport links that go with that status. The airport is located about 110km from the Arnhem. If you are taking the train for your onward journey to Arnhem the links are good and the journey should only take you about 1hr 15mins. You can also fly into Eindhoven Airport, which is only about 85km from Arnhem, but the transport from the airport to the city, via bus and train will take approximately 1hr 40mins.

By car
Getting to Arnhem by car you should not have too much trouble either, as Arnhem is well served by many different highways, most noticeably, the A12 which connects the city with the German border and the city of The Hague, and you can also take the A50 which is the main, north-south highway, which will take you to Arnhem from Eindhoven, or Zwolle.

Traveling Around Arnhem
If you are traveling around Arnhem, the local trolley buses are very good and are linked up well, so that you can easily get to your destination. The bus station is conveniently located next to the train station in the town center. You buy your tickets in the form of the chip card, which is the cheapest way to pay. A bicycle is an ideal way to get around town, and you can hire them at the train station. If you want to get a taxi, you can find one at taxi stands around the city, including at the station, or book one by telephone, Arnhemse Taxi Service, +31 26 260 2626, or, Taxi Exact Arnhem +31 26 260 0600.

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Climate Alliance, Cassandra Silk, enca@climatealliance.org


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