Program Day 2 – Thursday April 11 2019*

Local Climate Activities in North-West Europe

From a European perspective the issue of empowering neighbourhoods will be in the spotlight of this conference day.

Experience a versatile range of topics – from encouraging residents to act on energy efficiency and energy poverty to financial support tools and new ways of cooperation – via a keynote, expert discussions, a marketplace and site visits.

By introducing experiences and activities from Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands the common understanding of local climate action will be enhanced. Transnational exchange of approaches and ideas is of high value and provides a useful tool in the development process of strategies and measures for bottom-up climate action. Building partnerships and trust within the neighbourhoods offers innovative opportunities and synergies to increase the impact on the local level.

This conference day is targeted towards stakeholders from municipalities, organizations, initiatives, neighbourhood intiatives, energy agencies and everyone else dealing with neighbourhood climate action.

*Conference language: English, translation to FR possible

Deadlines: Conference Registration deadline – March 28
Hotel Registration deadline – March 15

Get to know the Speakers


Professor Audley Genus, Innovation and Technology Management, Kingston University and Energise Living Labs Project

Audley Genus will share his professional perspective on behaviour change and communities of practice in relation to climate action as well as on economic and community business opportunities deriving from climate action or low carbon initiatives. Keynote

Panel Discussion on “Why Neighbourhoods Matter”

The following panelists will share their spectrum of perspectives and insights:

  • Professor Audley Genus, Innovation and Technology Management, Kingston University

  • Cathelijne Bouwkamp, Alderman of Arnhem

  • Dirk Vansintjan, President of REScoop

  • Simone Raskob, Deputy Mayor of Essen, Board of Climate Alliance

  • Tadgh O’Briain, European Commission, DG Energy


Empowering Neighbourhoods for Climate Action 9.30-18.00 hour – April 11 2019, Day 2


09:00 Registration Entrance Foyer
09:30 Opening by Arnhem


09:40 Welcome by Climate Alliance Muzenzaal
09:50 Keynote by Professor Audley Genus
10:10 A Look into Climate Active Neighbourhoods Muzenzaal
10:30 Coffee Break Parkfoyer
11:00 Panel-Discussion “Neighbourhoods Matter – across EU, national and municipal levels”
Stakeholders Discussing the Importance of the Neighbourhood-Level for Climate Action
12:30 Lunch Break Parkfoyer
13:30 Marketplace with Guided Tours

Energy Retrofits Energy Poverty & Social Issues Community Shared Responsibility Facilitation & Providing (Financial) Services Engaging Residents for Change
Muzenzaal, Jubileumzaal, Muzenfoyer, Entrance Foyer
15:00 Coffee Break Parkfoyer
15:30 Site Visit to Neighbourhood Initiatives in Arnhem Local Climate Action in Practice
Workshop and Open Discussion
Community Energy Workshop Jubileumzaal, Balkonzaal, etc.
17:30 Freetime
19:00 Conference Dinner


Empowering Neighbourhoods for Climate Action 9.30-18.00 hour – April 11 2019, Day 2

Deadlines: Conference Registration deadline – March 28
Hotel Registration deadline – March 15

Learn more about the Afternoon Sessions

Site Visit

The site visit will introduce you to a local neighbourhood initiative in Arnhem. Residents involved in neighbourhood initiatives will present their activities and share how they have benefitted from the Climate Active Neighbourhoods project and the “Arnhem Approach”.


Workshop “Local Climate Action in Practice”

This workshop will offer a look at several EU-funded projects focusing on local climate action. After short project introductions, a discussion about their impact as well as potential synergies and perspectives for the future will be discussed. Participants can expect to go home with new inspiration for neighbourhood level solutions resulting from the Climate Active Neighbourhoods project.

Workshop “Community Energy”

This workshop will illustrate how Community Energy links innovation, education and vulnerability, using the example of the Hastings case study. A look into the experiences of Hastings to set up a local community energy project within one of their neighbourhoods will be provided. This case study will be followed by a ‘world café’ interactive session where participants will hear and contribute to discussion about the future of community energy.

What is Climate Active Neighbourhoods (CAN) about?

The project Climate Active Neighbourhoods (CAN) focuses on underprivileged neighbourhoods, which are in need of a better energy efficiency and retrofits in municipalities and regions of varying size in five countries in northwestern Europe. Changing the municipal role towards a bottom-up approach by meeting residents on eye-level, encouraging them for change, finding new ways of cooperation and providing (financial) support for the neighbourhood level are key elements of the prjoect. Decreasing carbon emissions by transitioning towards increased energy efficiency and locally generated renewable energy, but also by behavioural change, are the main objectives. The ten project-partners have implemented a tailored set of solutions based on the neighbourhood’s needs. To learn more about this project, click here.

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Please note: We can unfortunately not provide any visa support letters. The conference is targeted towards a European audience.

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